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New Destiny

Christian Fellowship

Detroit, MI and Brooklyn, NY

Bishop Horace Sheffield

Church: (313) 397-3652 

Fax: (313) 491-0252

Prayer Cell: (313) 575-3290

What Keeps Us Going

Pastor Sheffield is always available by his Private Prayer Line (313) 575-3290. Please note that our regular worship services are conducted at the following times noted below.



Sunday Bible Study

 9:30 AM




New Destiny

Christian Fellowship


Detroit, MI 48204



For Transportation in Detroit

Call Bro. Bernard Coleman

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"There is no doubt that it is the Lord who sustains and keeps us. In this time of severe financial and emotional burdens let us look to the Lord for all of our help. The Lord knows what things we have need of even before we ask. It is his desire to provide for us and it is our responsibility to trust in Him no matter what!


Mother Everjean Avery

"Mother Everjean Avery was a founding member of New Galilee Missionary Baptist in Detroit where I pastored for nearly 15 years. Now while I had pastored two churches before New Galilee, and one after it, truly in all my years no church mother is more endearing to me than Mother Avery. Mother Avery was a small quiet women but she remained a woman faithful to her church to the day she died. She would call me and ask me 'are you alright pastor'? And I would say 'yes; to which she would reply 'now you let me if you ain't alright so I can pray about it'.


I will never forget a heated church meeting we were having about building the new church the Lord had placed on my heart to build for New Galilee. The board had meet and approved it and we were to take it to the church. For some reason, and I believed it was by design, all of those who supported it didn't show up that Sunday and only the ones who were against it did. The question came up for a vote - whether to proceed to build the new church - and some of the naysayers misrepresented the board's position by saying that the board didn't vote to build it, which was not true. Anyway, the congregation started arguing and raising their voices and this one member, Sis. Gloryette Tinsley, really got beside herself.


In that instance this little old quiet woman who had not said a word, or if she had not one you could hear, told Sis. Tinsley "SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN. WE ARE GOING TO BUILD THIS NEW CHURCH.' And Sis. Tinsley sat down and we built the church. GOD BLESS THE MEMORY OF MOTHER AVERY (Bishop Horace L. Sheffield, III)

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