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"There is no doubt that it is the Lord who sustains and keeps us. In this time of severe financial and emotional burdens let us look to the Lord for all of our help. The Lord knows what things we have need of even before we ask. It is his desire to provide for us and it is our responsibility to trust in Him no matter what!


Words From The Pastor, Bishop Designate Horace Sheffield

Words From Pastor Sheffield


"...and the sheep follow him; for they know his voice." (Romans 2:1, KJV)


Of all the spiritual disciplines that I need to employ to succeed in by daily saintly sojourn through this wicked and seductive world below, hearing God is more important and valuable than all. Yet, even though hearing from God is a priority in terms of avoiding pitfalls, overcoming obstacles, and eliminating evil entanglements, it remains a difficult and rarely practiced discipline. We listen to ourselves more than we do God and wonder why we have what we have, are what we are, and are headed where we are headed.


What makes hearing from God, and knowing His voice so difficult? First, we cannot hear God because we don't speak His language. To many of us prefer for someone else to decipher, discern, and to determine what God is saying to us, about us, and about what to do and where we should be. We rely on others because we have not, will not, and do not study God's word. God's Word is God's Voice. When Jesus spoke in this passage - God's people knew his voice, and he could say they did because they had studied God's word, listened to the prophets, and had sat under teachers to receive instruction. God, when he spoke, used His learned word as the language by which he communicated with His people.


Today, we are biblically illiterate and therefore spiritually ignorant when it comes to distinguishing God's voice from ours, from the world, from others, from satan, and even from the church. If there is any pursuit that is a priority in our spiritual quest and ecclesiastical engagements it is to hear God's voice. For in his voice is understanding, direction, instruction, and guidance, deliverance, healing, prosperity, renewal, without which we are bound to fall, falter, and follow someone and something other than Jesus.


As I come to a close let answer the question that still lingers, "how do we know that it is God's voice?" First, to hear God we must separate ourselves and find a quiet place. Secondly, we can tell God's voice by both the TONE and the CONTENT, that is, how it is spoken and what is said. God's voice is not of a roaring lion - but a small still voice, and he will never speak anything contrary to his nature, his will, and his purpose as has already been revealed in His Word, the Bible.


Finally, let me quote for you what Brother Lawrence, in the Practice of the Presence of God, said about hearing God, "There is not in the world a kind of life more sweet and delightful than that of a continual conversation with God." Amen.

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